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Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers, a subsidiary of Gateway Rehab, is a premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, located in the Mahoning Valley region and serving statewide. Accepting admissions for Detox and Inpatient 24/7.

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Welcome to Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers

A Subsidiary of Gateway Rehab

Youngstown Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction Recovery & Self Renewal 

Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers is a premier treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction in the eastern Ohio region that is the oldest treatment center of its kind. Since 1946, our philosophy of care has been to treat the whole person--body, mind and spirit. Our dedicated team of clinicians and therapists work together to guide patients from all walks of life towards sustained recovery. 

We combine medication assisted treatment (MAT) options, evidence-based therapies and ongoing recovery support to provide a long-term continuum of care. Our team also recognizes that each and every patient is unique, which is why we customize treatment options that cater to each person’s individual needs and goals. 

With the right tools, we can help patients reclaim their lives in ways they may not have thought possible. It’s never too late to get help. Learn more about how Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers can help you or a loved one achieve sobriety today.

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Where To Find Us

Most Major Insurances Accepted

Do not let the cost of treatment become a barrier to seeking treatment. Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers is an in-network provider for most insurance carriers, including Ohio Medicaid. Our team is dedicated to helping patients find their path to recovery in a way that is accessible and affordable. Patients with high deductibles, coinsurance, or copays may qualify for the Twerski Fund, which can help cover costs for certain services. To learn more about eligibility, please contact us today.


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    Our Locations

    Multiple Locations 

    Locations In Eastern Ohio

    Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers is dedicated to helping the communities of Eastern & Central Ohio find the path to recovery. We have two locations in Eastern Ohio. Our withdrawal management and inpatient programs are offered in Youngstown.

    We are a service of Gateway Rehab, the largest substance abuse and addiction recovery network serving Western Pennsylvannia. Our strong presence across the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania continues to help countless people reclaim their lives. Call a location nearest you and learn more about our rehabilitation programs today. 

    Our Locations

    How We Help

    Evidence Based Treatments 

    Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers believes that addiction is a complex and multifaceted illness. Addiction affects us not just physically, but also psychologically, socially, and spiritually. Our recovery experts approach recovery with this mind-body-spirit model in mind, tailoring different treatment options to each patient, and ensuring a long-term continuum of care. We are proud to offer the following evidence-based practices to patients as well as their loved ones:

    • Individual, family and group counseling
    • Cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT)
    • Twelve-step Facilitation (TSF)
    • Medications for Substance Use Disorder

    When you are a patient at Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers, rest assured that we will give you the tools you need to achieve personal growth and self acceptance for the rest of your life.

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