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Ohio Inpatient Treatment Centers

Inpatient Drug Rehab Care

At Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers, we provide intensive inpatient drug rehab and treatment programs to those struggling with substance use disorder. Our programs provide not only medical attention but also emotional support to patients. Individuals enrolling in inpatient drug rehab programs are receiving the treatment needed to get better and rebuild their lives.

Our approach focuses on early recovery and self-awareness skills to overcome drug and alcohol dependency, while also giving patients a new sense of purpose in their lives. Neil Kennedy's inpatient drug rehab and treatment program helps patients reshape their lives by coming away with a deep understanding that addiction is a disease and they are not alone in this fight. Our team offers residential inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs for both male and female patients.

When you are a patient at Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers, you can put your ‘inpatient detox centers near me’ searches to rest. Call or request a free initial assessment online to get started.

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Long-Term Drug Rehab And Detox

Long-Term: 90 to 120 Days

Our continuing mission at Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers is to ensure sustained sobriety for each and every one of our patients. We provide a long-term inpatient program that lasts between 90 to 120 days to help individuals with moderate to severe addictions get on the path to recovery. Our team of clinicians and therapists offer three types of care:

  • Individual - Treatment is based on your specific needs.
  • Group - We learn and grow with each other.
  • Family - Participation is an essential part of recovery.

During a long-term stay, patients will receive the tools they need to work on their life skills, and receive help on how to transition back to life after the program ends. If you are struggling with alcohol or substance use disorder, or even if you suspect a loved one may be, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you determine which of our many services are best suited to you or your loved one’s needs.

Short-Term Inpatient Rehab


Although our ultimate goal is to provide long-term programming and assistance, we recognize that not everyone can devote themselves to long-term drug rehab care. That is why we provide a 28-day, short-term program to those who have other time commitments, but still need help for alcohol or substance use disorder. In the short-term program, we will include a personalized treatment plan for each individual patient, and we may recommend a transition to outpatient therapy. 

At Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers, we operate off of the bio-psycho-spiritual-social model of addiction treatment. We believe that in order to successfully treat addiction, you must treat the biological, psychological, spiritual and social components of the patient. By providing each and every one of our patients with this whole-person approach coupled with evidence-based care, we help to ensure sustained abstinence from alcohol and drug use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is long-term drug rehab care for?

Long-term drug rehab care is ideal for individuals with severe and chronic alcohol and substance use disorders.

Who is short-term drug rehab care for?

Short-term drug rehab care is most appropriate for individuals with more mild alcohol and substance use issues, as well as people who cannot leave their jobs or family commitments for longer than 28 days.

What are the signs of opioid abuse?

The signs and symptoms of opioid abuse include:

  • Noticeable euphoria
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Constricted pupils
  • Slowed breathing
  • Intermittent nodding off or loss of consciousness
  • Constipation
  • Doctor shopping to get prescriptions from more than one doctor
  • Dramatic changes in mood
  • Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Extra pill bottles in the trash
  • Sudden financial problems

How long does it take to detox?

How long it takes to detox your body from harmful drugs depends entirely on the type of substances you are addicted to, the severity of the addiction, overall health, body weight, and even metabolism. If you are addicted to more than one substance, you may experience a longer detoxification.