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Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers & Gateway Rehab In the News

Below are links to news articles where Gateway Rehab and Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers were mentioned or featured.

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Local experts say sunshine can improve mental health

Quarantine led to more alcohol abuse and people seeking help, Valley addiction experts say

'We’re addicted to seeking pleasure': Rehab pioneer reflects on opioid treatment

Neil Capretto, a fierce advocate for those struggling with opioid addiction, dies

Dr. Neil Capretto, 62, lived life of compassion, care

The same fighting chance: Dr. Neil Capretto compares his battle with cancer to his patients’ battles with addiction

Fentanyl-cocaine combo taking lives in Western Pa.

Janice Olson From Gateway Rehab Services Discusses the Opioid Crisis With Jim Taddeo

Gateway adds treatment capacity in Westmoreland County as overdose deaths spike

Gateway Rehab adds 19 beds to Mt. Pleasant inpatient facility

Gov. Wolf declares 90-day statewide disaster opioid emergency

Wolf's opioid declaration a step forward, but more help needed, some say

Doctor Continues to Help Addicts While Battling Rare Cancer

Why the CDC Needs Number Crunchers On The Front Lines Of The Opioid Epidemic

Doctors Hoping ‘National Emergency’ Declaration Brings More Awareness to Opioid Crisis

Woman Knocked Out, Witnesses Take Selfie Instead Of Calling 911

2017 Recovery Walk video created by Boom Creative

Former inmates get shot at recovery with anti-addiction drug Vivitrol

In Cleveland, competing hospitals band together to fight opioid epidemic

New Ken program offers way for ex-addicts to help others in need

Gateway Rehab medical director Dr. Neil Capretto again fighting cancer

Bob Casey and Joe Manchin: Senate plan to repeal Obamacare would worsen opioid epidemic

Republicans’ Medicaid rollback collides with opioid epidemic

Addiction Is a Disease, Treat It as Such: Roundtable

Portman Hears from Addicts, Drug Treatment Professionals

Alcohol use plummets among teens, but binge drinking remains problem

Gateway Rehab doctor fights rare cancer

Carfentanil bust in Unity: 'This is the stuff that kills everyone'

Ross woman's overdose obituary attracts attention from White House

Neil Kennedy Clinic Opens 4th Recovery House

Chronicle: State of Addiction

Rep. Jim Christiana questions dispute between Beaver County, Gateway Rehab Center

Effort to repeal Obamacare called threat to opioid treatments by Dems and a positive by Republicans

Opioid treatment success in Armstrong raises hope

First case of potent opioid carfentanil confirmed in Beaver County

Police, EMS alerted to danger of elephant tranquilizer that killed 2 in Beaver

One day in the opioid epidemic

Gateway Rehab in Mt. Pleasant part of effort to mitigate drug epidemic

Hickton first U.S. attorney to resign after Trump election

U.S. Attorney Hickton stepping down

Hope After Heroin: The Epidemic in our Backyard

Drug overdose deaths climb to 68 in county this year, local leader address addiction

Journalist and author Sam Quinones on the opioid epidemic

Task force: Opioid crisis fixes include hard handoff

Rate of drug-dependent newborns in Beaver County up nearly 400 percent since 2000

Neil Kennedy Breaks Ground for 4th Recovery House

Gateway Rehab readies to start treating patients

Gov. Wolf Calls Special Legislative Session To Deal With Opioid Crisis

Gov. Wolf recognizes Gateway Rehab for commitment to opioid addiction treatment