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Detox Facilities In Ohio

Center of Excellence 

Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers is a subsidiary of Gateway Rehab, which is recognized by Pennsylvania’s department of human services as an Addiction Treatment Center of Excellence. This esteemed recognition empowers us to offer clinically-proven and evidence-based programs for addiction treatments across Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. 

We provide specialized care coordination for alcohol and drug use disorder, and tailor treatments to each individual patient. At Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers, we strongly believe that recovery from addiction should be accessible and affordable to everyone. That is why we put comprehensive recovery plans into action for people who are uninsured or receiving Medicaid. 

Following treatment, our dedicated team of clinicians, therapists and other recovery specialists work to ensure that every patient has continued access to follow-up care, such as access to sober living houses. We recognize that those with substance use disorder need long-term support in order to enjoy a sustained recovery with a minimal risk of relapse. Call or request an appointment online to get started. Let our team help you or a loved one start your journey to recovery today.

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