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The Neil Kennedy Brand Origin can be Traced Back to 1965 When Doctor Abraham Twerski  had a Vision of “A Nursing Home for Alchoholics.”

In 1970, ground was broken for a 100-bed residential treatment facility. Neil Kennedy Recovery Center’s first patient was admitted on Jan. 2, 1972.

At that time, most commercial healthcare insurance did not cover drug addiction treatment, so the center was off to a rocky financial start. Despite repeated threats of foreclosure, Twerski credits CEO Ken Ramsey, MD, and a “dedicated board of directors” with keeping the doors open.

Today, Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers has grown into a rehabilitation treatment system that spans 22 locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio, serving some 1,700 patients daily.

In 2001, Doctor Twerski, became Neil Kennedy’s emeritus medical director. Under his guidance, Gateway Rehab has grown to provide an expanding range of services to young people and their families.

In 2012, Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers rededicated its 75,000 sq ft, 152-bed detox and inpatient addiction treatment facility, located northwest of Pittsburgh. The facility, known as “Abe’s Place,” honors the organization’s founder, Abraham J. Twerski, a man with a vision.