Young Adult Drug Rehab Programs

At NKRC we offer a full program to meet the specific recovery needs of Young Adult and Adolescent patients. From detox to aftercare groups our team helps to reshape and prepare the mind, body and spirit of our patients so they can enjoy a new and healthy way of living. We offer a balanced treatment experience with our inpatient residential facilities for youth.

Adolescent/Young Adult services revolve around our 42 bed, state of the art Ramsey Hall facility built in 2012, this facility is located at Gateway Rehab, a subsidiary of Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers. Programs for boys aged 13-17 and for men and women aged 18-22 run side by side in dedicated spaces in the building.  Lengths of stay vary from 30 to 120 days, depending on treatment and referral expectations.

Young men between the ages of 13 and 22 often choose to continue building a healthy recovery experience at our Liberty Station halfway house, this is a Gateway Rehab facility. This step allows these individuals the benefit of a  longer period of supervised living to maintain sobriety.  Length of stay is from three to nine months.


At Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers and Gateway Rehab we help our patients build the foundation they need to lead productive and stable lives in recovery. Our facilities are staffed with dedicated clinical and support professionals whose  skills, training, knowledge, level of caring, and dedication to addiction treatment and recovery are second to none. 

With the care and support they need in the young adult drug rehab programs, our patients can bring their true selves to life.