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Detox from drugs and alcohol isn’t an easy process, but the results are life changing. What is detox? Detoxification rids the body of harmful drugs and substances while helping to manage withdrawal symptoms, all so you can make a fresh start. Detox is considered the first step in the road to recovery. Our compassionate staff is there for you each step of the way, so you are not in this alone.

Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers provides drug and alcohol detox for individuals suffering from substance abuse. The purpose of drug and alcohol detox at NKRC is to safely manage patients’ withdrawal symptoms in a comfortable environment. The detoxification process typically spans from 4-7 days depending on individual medical conditions.

Neil Kennedy offers a full range of residential programs including individual, group and family care. To learn more about the drug and alcohol treatment available, contact Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers today. Our team of experts will provide you with guidance to receive the treatment needed for your specific addiction.

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