A Complete Continuum Of Care

Substance abuse is a complex medical condition that requires a comprehensive solution. This is especially true for opioid addiction. For treatment of opioid addiction, Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers combines proven medically assisted treatments, traditional therapies and on-going mentoring. This comprehensive care approach leads to our patients experiencing a complete and lasting recovery through opioid addiction treatment.

Since 1946, Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers has been offering a variety of effective, scientifically proven treatment methods to help lead the field of substance use disorder treatment.  One scientifically proven method or evidence-based practice that Neil Kennedy uses currently is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Neil Kennedy defines MAT as the use of medications that benefit treatment goals when used in conjunction with behavioral therapy and psychosocial services.  Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers believes that by offering MAT with therapy, a patient can increase their ability to achieve long term recovery.  Each patient coming into NKRC with an Opioid Use Disorder, will be screened and evaluated for MAT.  All of the options will be presented to the patient so they can make an informed decision with the doctor about the best course of treatment for them.