Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in RecoveryWith the developments of the COVID-19 virus, visiting offices in person has become much less common in an effort to keep one another safe. The option of telehealth has been utilized more than ever due to these circumstances, but it has many benefits that make it a valuable, permanent service as opposed to a temporary solution. At Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers, we are proud to make online addiction programs a long-term option, as we can provide treatment to patients state-wide. We’ve outlined our telehealth addiction treatments that offer to help you to recover from home.

Outpatient Therapy

In our telehealth rehab program, you will have access to the same intensive outpatient program that you would in person, including group and individual therapy. This program is designed to help those struggling with a growing alcohol or drug dependency problem. We understand that no two patients' journeys are alike, and each person is unique, so our programs are customized to each patient’s individual needs and goals.

You can receive the guidance you need in a supportive environment, all from the comfort of your own home and with flexible hours. You can tell our recovery specialists about the problems you are experiencing, and they will make a confidential assessment and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

Recovery Support Peer Program

Recovery is largely about making internal progress and reaching your emotional and mental goals, but there are also external factors included. Addiction can impact your ability to access certain resources, and trying to navigate it alone can make things even more challenging. That’s why we offer a recovery coaching peer support program alongside your online treatment.

A recovery coach has personal experience with recovery and offers you their knowledge to help you navigate moving from a life of addiction to a life of recovery. Your recovery coach can help you with things like:

  • Assisting you in developing and implementing individualized action plans based on your goals and needs.
  • Teaching and supporting the skills you need.
  • Introducing you to available services, resources, agencies, and systems that can be utilized to achieve your recovery goals.

Recovery is a journey that should never be taken alone. Your recovery coach will be there every step of the way to help coordinate your recovery and simplify access to all the resources you need.

Medication-Assisted Therapy Management

As a part of your outpatient treatment program, we also offer medication-assisted therapy (MAT) to our patients. MAT is a combination of FDA-approved medications and psychotherapy performed by a licensed counselor, which is clinically proven to help patients safely and slowly wean off of opioids and significantly decrease the risk of relapse.

When medication is combined with behavioral therapy sessions, recovery rates tend to be higher than they would with medication alone. The medications used to assist in opioid addiction recovery include:

  • Sublocade - Sublocade is taken as a once per month injection for moderate to severe drug use disorder, and contains the active ingredient of buprenorphine.
  • Suboxone - Suboxone is taken once per day and comes in the form of a film that is placed inside the cheek or under the tongue. It contains the active ingredients of buprenorphine and naloxone which help to control cravings, block the pleasurable effects of opioids, and prevent relapse.

The medications used to assist in recovery from alcohol use disorder include:

  • Vivitrol - Vivitrol is an extended-release monthly injection containing naltrexone, and is used to prevent drug and alcohol use after detox.
  • ReVia - ReVia is taken orally in tablet form, and is used to treat drug and alcohol dependency. It is designed to reduce the urge to drink, block the pleasurable, euphoric effects of drugs, and prevent relapse in patients who have detoxed.

Combining medication and behavioral therapies helps patients to detox safely with a lower risk of relapse, and supports the whole-person approach that we uphold at Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to recovery. Our team of clinicians and recovery specialists work together to create individualized substance abuse treatment programs for you, even if you can’t be there in person. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers is dedicated to helping you reach sustainable recovery.

At Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers, we are dedicated to helping provide our patients with the resources and support they need to achieve a sustainable recovery. If you or a loved one are currently struggling with addiction, our high-quality, trained specialists can help you achieve your recovery goals. Schedule your first appointment with one of our recovery centers today or call (330) 744- 1181 for more information.